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Just to establish the appearance of a connection to “normal” waking reality, here are a few words of introduction. Beware of explanations, however. No explanation can explain fully and therefore may in fact be misleading. Nonetheless, within the realm of the Spirit Dream itself there is room for casual and apparently normal discourse; the expression of ideas that seem more or less reasonable and which make more or less sense.

So it is that I begin with a premise: whenever the masks are present, we enter Ceremonial/Dream Time. Nothing special need be done. Nothing dramatic. No invocations given. We may not recognize that there is anything different going on at all. Nothing different may be going on. Proceedings may be entirely mundane. But this is just the p4int. What may appear to be commonplace is utterly and ineffably unique. No single entity, no single nanosecond, is the same as any other. The ordinary is indeed extraordinary. Acknowledgment of this is the essence of Ceremonial/Dream Time. This is my premise. There is, of course, as with any premise, room for alternative possibilities.

But let’s say that this is the way it is. For now...

1. Earth Singer