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4. Harvey Lackawanna

Om Vajra Bhumi Ah Hum! Now let the ground be spotlessly pure. Om Vajra Rekhe Ah Hum! Now let an iron wall arise with Hum in the centre. To the east, south, west and north lie the four continents interspaced with four pairs of lesser continents, andalso the Mountain of Precious Substances, the Wishing Tree, the Wishing Cow, the Unploughed Harvest, the Precious Wheel, the Precious Jewel, the Precious Queen, the Precious Minister, the Precious Elephant, the Precious and Best of Horses and the Precious General. Also present, are the Great Treasure Vase, the Lady of Gestures, the Lady of Garlands, the Lady of Song, the Lady of Dance, the Lady of Flowers, the Lady of Incense, the Lady of Lights and the Lady of Perfume. There are besides the Sun and Moon, the Umbrella of Precious Substances and the Banner of Victory.’

‘Om Vajra Bhumi Ah Hum! Om Vajra Rekhe Ah Hum!

‘I pray you out of your compassion to accept these offerings for the sake of all sentient beings. I pray you, having accepted them, graciously to bestow your blessings upon all.’ (The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet, John Blofeld)