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The three Mothers    ALEF    MEM    SHIN
   made with
ALEF    Wind    Air    Wet    Organ    lawed Tongue between

   made with
MEM    Water    Earth    Cold    Belly    plate for what is owned

   made with
SHIN    Fire    Sky    Heat    Head    plate for what is owed

These are    ALEF    MEM   SHIN

(From “The Sefer Yetzira” The Book of Creation, a Hebrew text of the mystic tradition (Neo-Pythagorean), c. third-sixth centuries A.D. Text: The four texts in Sefer Yetzira, Lewin-Epstein Publishers, Jerusalem, 1965. In Origins, Creation Text from the Ancient Mediterranean co-Edited and Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Charles Doria and Harris Lenowitz, Anchor Books, 1976)

7. Lion