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Coyote makes his appearance with the 2500-year-old Chinese Bells. He thinks his chortles make a good mix.


RayBird wanted a turn singing with the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI)-controlled samples of 2500-year-old Chinese bells. Coyote may have sneaked a few of his meaningless sounds into the mix. He’ll have to have his own turn sometime.

Sheeoué Windhorse

Sheeoué Windhorse sounds, with bells and Coyote’s unintelligible voice.


Brief message from Tunnituaruit, experimenting with AUMI (Adaptive Use Musical Instrument -, using gesture to sound bells and whale songs. Tunnituaruit is an Inuit term meaning literally "little beings who only have tattooed faces" - magical half-bird and half-human creatures whose language of communication is "katadjait," throat singing.

Earth Singer Says

Finally getting around to exploring the marvelous Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI) app, developed under the guidance of Pauline Oliveros. Here Earth Singer has a bit to say while triggering samples of 2500-year-old Chinese bells. Information about AUMI can be found at

Fox Responds

Responding to the baseboard heating air currents and probably other vibrations stirring around in our troubled times, Fox has a song he wants to share, as uncomfortable as it may make us.

Soundings Gallery Tour II

It's been a year since the retrospective show SOUNDINGS was held in the Korn Art Gallery at Drew University in Madison, NJ, October 20 - November 18, 2016. A more formal "tour" is presented here then was released then. This includes each item zoomed in on and a sample of their sounds included.

Dream Shadows Dream

Dream Shadows Dream, as presented at the International Symposium on Adaptive Technology for Music and Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Video excerpt by Carole Ione.

River of Bells at the Smithsonian


Commissioned by the Smithsonian's Freer|Ssckler Galleries for inclusion in the "Sounding: Ancient Bells of China" exhibit, 2017.

At the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery for the opening of “Resound: Ancient Bells of China,” viewing the commissioned video composition “River of Bells” in its premiere showing, October 14, 2017.

The Cat

Shadow play music box.


Giraffe, Lion, Elephant

Shadow play music box, September, 2017.


Butterfly Music Box for Ezra and Crysta

For the marriage of Ezra Lowrey and Crysta Watson (now Ezra and Crysta Bloom), September 3, 2017.


Butterflies for Ezra and Crysta

For the marriage of Ezra Lowrey and Crysta Watson (now Ezra and Crysta Bloom), September 3, 2017.



Branching out from Singing Masks. Once starting to make masks in leather and having little scraps left over, I first made little finger masks but then started incorporating them into automata and music boxes. The results have mostly been whimsical, hoping to bring out a few smiles here and there.


Singing Masks Through The Years

Traversing 38 years in the journey of the Singing Masks.


Celebrating Nämforsen Rock Carvings

"Nämforsen in Näsåker (Sweden) is one of the largest single rock carving sites in Northern Europe. It has around 2,600 rock art preserved, the oldest believed was 6000 years old." With Björn Eriksson (Salamander Singing Mask, Recorder, Bells), Floribel Eriksson (Fox Singing Mask, Voice), Norman Lowrey (Fox Singing Mask, Bells).


Mini Jaguar Beat Box

"Score" submitted as one of 85 for the late composer Pauline Oliveros' 85th birthday turned remembrance tribute at McGill University's Still Listening conference.


Fox Variants

What fox really says.


Singing Mask Story #1

Very crude experimentation with new approach to "telling stories" with Singing Masks and a variety of gadgets.


Locust Seed Pod Singing Mask with Display Stand

Work in progress, automaton display stand for Locust Seed Pod Singing Mask


Dreaming Pauline Oliveros in Kingston

Presentation of "Dreaming Pauline with Singing Masks +" by Norman Lowrey, with Theo Lowrey performing on accordion, for the Kingston, NY Midtown Arts District A Celebration Tribute for Pauline Oliveros, held March 19, 2017 in Kingston City Hall. introduction by David Felton.


Dreaming/Remembering Pauline Oliveros

A simple slideshow of photos of Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) to accompany a soundscape created for live performance memorial tributes to her. The soundscape is the result of a brief dream I had of Pauline on February 17, 2017. "I am in a clearing by a gurgling stream. I hear a helicopter approach. It lands beside me. It's Pauline! She's smiling ear-to-ear and chuckling in her inimitable manner. She shouts "Get in!" I get in. She says "Let's go," and we take off. I awaken and realize she hasn't mentioned where she's taking me." The soundscape includes the inevitable helicopter sounds and clips of Pauline speaking about Deep Listening and chuckling, along with a recording of an improvisation she performed at Colorado University, Colorado Springs (UCCS) in April, 2013. She was joined later by the Peak Frequency Ensemble.


Virtual Pauline in Second Life

Brief documentation of the Second Life set I created first for Ione's 22nd Annual Dream Festival Overnight for Dreaming Avatars held Dec. 31, 2016 - Jan. 1, 2017, dedicated to the memory of Pauline Oliveros. The set was then updated for inclusion in the Remembering Pauline Oliveros tribute held at the Park Avenue Armory, NYC, Feb. 6, 2017. This video was running simultaneously with live connection in Second Life, over the span of the 4 hours of a veritable cornucopia of performances and tributes that occurred in the Armory. The music heard in this video is from Pauline's "Crone Music" and "Ghost Dance."


SOUNDINGS: Singing Masks/Automata/Multimedia
A Retrospective Exhibit, Drew University Korn Gallery
October 20 - November 18, 2016

Opening Presentation, October 20

Soundings Gallery Tour

Closing Performance, from Dream Shadows Dream, Nov. 18

Closing Performance, Remember, Dream, Nov. 18


past 40 years