We are Dreaming This: TransTemporal Dreaming Over the Years at Ione's Annual Dream Festival

A Singing Mask Ceremony by Norman Lowrey


Ione has gathered hundreds of dreams and dreamers together over the years at her Annual Dream Festival, now in its tenth year. I've participated in most of the Festivals, including presentation of six Singing Mask ceremonies specifically created for the occasion. From the perspective of DreamTime, these ceremonies are not only still present in the memories of any who may have attended, but also in the very fabric of being, as are all dreams, all of our being, which we have dreamed, dreaming being the condition of our so-called reality. It is my intention in “We Are Dreaming This: TransTemporal Dreaming” to simply make this presence more manifest by sonically and ceremonially mixing together those prior ceremonies and inviting all present to join in recognition of our transtemporal dreambody dreamscape dreaming by speaking, singing, intoning, whispering, dancing, gesturing, intentioning, silencing, stilling, nothinging our dreams as the Singing Masks guide, nudge, translate, amplify, shift/slip us into Dream Time No Time All Time Dream.