Private Prayers/Public Rituals: Peace Variations
A Singing Mask Ceremony by Norman Lowrey
presented at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
June 23, 2013

"All finite things reveal infinitude... " -Theodore Roethke

Every location, however small or seemingly insignificant, may be thought of as a holographic image containing the whole, a kind of portal into infinity. With this in mind, all present are invited to select a small territory anywhere within the gathering space, to listen intently, and to offer a prayer for peace to/through this portal. This localized, particular place may be thought of as an altar, making connection with everything. Your prayer may consist of simply listening, being silent, or vocalizing in any way you wish. Movement is also welcome. As you pray, Singing Masks will function as resonators, amplifying all prayers into DreamTime. A soundscape of prior Singing Mask private prayers, together with dreambird, katydid and bell* sounds, will accompany the public ritual. You may offer as many prayers as you wish, and are certainly welcome to continue beyond the boundaries of this event whenever and wherever you may be.

*World Peace Bell, Newport, Kentucky


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