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5. Dreaming/Verging

Guide: Blue Oracle
verge1 n. [ME. < OFr., a rod, wand, stick, yard, hoop < L. virga, a twig rod, wand < E. *wizga- < base *wei-, to bend, twist, whence WIRE, WHISK] 1. the edge, brink, or margin (of something) 2. a) an enclosing line or border; boundary, esp. of something more or less circular b) the area so enclosed
verge2 vi. [L. vergere, to bend, turn < IE. werg- < base wer-, to turn, bend, whence WARP, WORM] 1. to tend or incline (to or toward) 2. to be in the process of change or transition into something else

Verge into a circle. Pass listening sticks around the circle in both directions. Feel the sticks. Listen through them to tappings and scrapings that you or your neighbor(s) make. Try direct contact with the speaker cabinets which are reproducing the river sounds.

Blue Oracle