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6. Dreaming/Weaving (river/stars)

Guide: Spirit of Dream Time
When we were exploring Biscuit Brook as a possible Sounding site, I tried out my listening stick in one of the springs feeding the stream. I was startled by the similarity of the spring's bubbling sounds to recordings I'd heard of stellar activity - pulsars and quasars. Here, at an origin of the Delaware River were sounds like those emanating from the farthest reaches of the heavens. Two lines from Cecilia Vicuña's poetry flickered through my mind: Origin from Oriri: the coming out of the stars.

In listening, imagine that the sounds you are hearing emanate both from River and Star. Select a pitch, either heard or imagined, and hum or intone that pitch with your own voice so that your sound is woven into the river/star fabric.

Spirit of Dream Time